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The John A. Penney Co. has worked on and in some of the greater Boston area’s most prestigious projects. With so many years of experience we have developed a body of work that exemplifies our commitment to excellence and provides our clients with an integrated project delivery experience.

Our Services include:

  • Detailed budgets starting at conceptual drawings 
  • Project Estimation and price checks as the project evolves
  • Value Engineering
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) 
  • Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) 
  • Pre-Assembly
  • Maintenance and emergency repair after project completion 

We have performed these projects under various types of contracts. Some have been completed on a Cost Plus basis with a target GMP. The majority, after the completion of the design, are converted to a traditional lump sum contract with the amount based upon an open book review of a detailed estimate. This estimate will highlight any deviations from the original conceptual budget.  


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We have been performing BIM in house utilizing Autodesk Revit MEP Suite (Previously Autodesk Building Systems) and Navisworks since 2005. These software packages have been utilized in full 3D to facilitate the layout of the electrical installation in coordination with other MEP trades and the architectural elements of a project. The value of this modeling system lies in the accurate design and layout of complex electrical equipment that meets project requirements, building and electrical codes, while providing manufacturers with accurate, buildable layouts. This reduces expensive fittings and time consuming field measurements and adjustments.

To accomplish these modeling tasks we have both in house and mobile workstations to allow for work to be performed on site when necessary. We presently employ a staff of both senior designers and full time in house designers. In addition many of our field personnel are capable of supporting our modeling efforts.

On our large scale and complex projects as well as smaller projects when applicable, the John A. Penney Co. utilizes BIM for the coordination, planning, and procurement phases of the project.

Given the chance to combine a Collaborative Project Delivery Method with a full Building Information Model, we feel that the customer would benefit from a product that would exceed their expectations and eliminate many of the pitfalls that burden the traditional construction process. 



The John A. Penney Company has years of experience with managing and executing projects utilizing pre-assembly. The Pre-assembly method is an integrated design and installation process which simplifies the electrical work on site. The increase in efficiency through pre-assembly allows for more work to be performed in the earlier stages of the project thereby reducing the peak manpower requirement resulting in savings of both time and cost. 
We also have our own dedicated pre-assembly warehouse that allows us to build and safely store panels off site until they are needed.